1. How can I order a book version of the Blue Book?

The Blue Book can be ordered from Samuel French, Inc. website or by phone


2. How do I become a studio teacher?

You can find information on the California Department of Labor, Standards and Enforcement website. The California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 11755, lists the requirements for becoming a studio teacher.

3. How do I renew my studio teacher certification?

Bring copies of your 2 clear credentials to the DLSE and they will set up a schedule for you to take the 3 hour renewal class, which is offered once a year. The required written exam can also be taken after the renewal class or you can make an appointment with the DLSE to take it during the times that they are administering it. After completing these, you should receive your new certification within a few weeks.

4. What do I do if there is no teacher on the set when I arrive?

It is very important that your child DOES NOT WORK WITHOUT THE PRESENCE OF A STUDIO TEACHER! So, ask the appropriate production personnel where the teacher is and wait until the teacher arrives before beginning the day’s work. If necessary, call your agent or SAG to help with this problem.

5. How will my school deal with absences and ADA money?

A school may excuse the absences of a pupil who holds an entertainment work permit. [EC48225.5] This law limits the number of excused absences for a child holding an entertainment work permit to five absences per school year, each of which may consist of up to five days (total 25 days). A child excused from school attendance because of employment in the entertainment industry must be instructed during the absence by a studio teacher certified by the Labor Commissioner in accordance with Title 8, Section 11755 of the California Code of Regulations. All work, grades and credit that the pupil completes with the studio teacher must be accepted by the school district or county superintendent of schools.

6. What if we get a late call and my child has no homework to do during his work day?

Always prepare your child for this event and buy grade appropriate materials to keep on hand in the event that this may occur. Also, put a “free reading” book into the same packet as well.

7. Where can I get a work permit for child actors?

Find your nearest Department of Industrial Relations office and there you can apply for the permit. Be prepared to have it sent to you as there is no waiting for “same day” permits anymore. However, if it is an emergency, a letter stating this on company letter head might help get the process speeded up.

8. How do I find a studio teacher to employ?

If it is during a work day, you can call The Studio Teachers’ office (818-559-9600) and request a teacher. If it is after 5:00 p.m. you can call the above number and follow the prompts. Also, you will find a list of teachers and their contact numbers on this web site.

9. Do I have to take a teacher to another state or country with the production?

Yes, California employers who are bound by contractual arrangements made in California to employ minors residing within the state to work on location outside of the state, must comply with all California regulations, including the use of studio teachers. [8CCR 11756]